Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here I am

Oh, hello Earthlings. Berlicche here. Perhaps You know me by my other name - I have many - that's Screwtape. Screwtape the devil.
Some time ago a little problem with letters from me to my nephew Wormwood caused some commotion in your world and in hell alike.
So, my boss decided that I must take a vacation, and here I am.

Pay attention! You may disagree with me, but what I have written is never to be undervalued. I have no time to throw away writing false or unimportant things. Just as You have no time to throw away in reading garbage of that sort. What You will read can be very important to Your life.

So, ignore me at your own risk. Otherwise, read me. I will be evil, bastard, amusing. 
I will be myself.


NightOwl87 said...

Wow, what a scary introduction!

I am pretty sure what you'll write can be very important to our lives..
I look forward to see what you are going to say to these poor humans that we are! :)

(if makes any sense to welcome a devil! ;P).

bruce said...

Way to go, my friend.


Massimo Iaquinta said...