Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama, Congo and to save mankind

Do we (they) believe, really believe, that Osama's election will be the salvation, the redemption for all?

The silent massacre in the Congo, that goes ahead from more than a decade but of which we hear about only now (and it always remains the doubt this is done purposefully) shows that man is not able to eliminate the lack of justice. Every man (me, you), because every man (me, you) have in his heart this very lack of justice.

It will not be Obama to save the mankind, and the world, also if he would, also if he had the chance. Because everyone of us is not able to save even itself, either if we should be called Obama, with the name of an inhabitant of the heart of Africa or of the heart of this Europe filled with foolish pride and vain hope.

We (me, you) can hope to save our own painful humanity, our own painful smallness, and therefore the world, only accepting to be saved. Only praying to be saved.

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