Thursday, November 20, 2008


The Pharisees, like their descendants today, hang to their head pieces of paper containing passages of the Scripture, inside boxes called phylacteries.
But a phylactery is just a piece of paper nailed before our eyes, to the wall, the wall of our hearts; it changes nothing. Fine words are useless, just like my countless phylacteries. Only living words can change us, penetrate into the wall, crumble it, become part of our lives.


NightOwl87 said...

What do you mean with "living words"?

Berlicche said...

Words that are not leaving are dead words. Only living things can change. Jesus has not sent us a book, but itself. His way to be remembered is the Church, it isn't the Gospel. If I speak the name Jesus but it is only a sound, it cannot change me, just as the name of a woman or a man, if I don't love him or her, is just a name.
I can change only if I love that name, I understand it, live through it.

NightOwl87 said...

Wonderful words Berlicche! ;)

I probably figured out what you meant but I wasn't sure and I think that it's always a good thing to highlight these "concepts".

You are doing a great job with this blog.
Keep on writing! ;)

Berlicche said...

Yes, but I am afraid that apart You and a couple others nobody is reading it...And I haven't now any time to make a promotional tour ;-)

NightOwl87 said...

You'll have time to do promotional tour ;)

...and, am I wrong or even the Italian blog had few readers at the beginning? ;)

I am sure that, if it is a good thing (as I think), it will work out sooner or later! ;)

Massimo Iaquinta said...

Dear uncle Berlicche,

this is Warmwood here.

After all the letters you sent me, telling me not to give up anything happens... are you going to give up by yourself? Just because it seems that not so many people are reading the blog?

Keep going on uncle... or we'll "taste" you soon!!!

Your affectionate nephew,