Monday, December 15, 2008

The last boundary


I have travelled long and far, until the final boundary of the Universe. The galaxies speed away to my sides like flies in the summer afternoons, million worlds danced around me in wavering vortices. I escaped, through the black night of the cosmos and the red gold of nebulas. They said that I had stolen. True, according to their judgment. According to their reason. But between the infinites universes above us, I have thought, what means their affirmation that God himself is bound by reason? There will be a place where the reason is utterly unreasonable. And therefore I have taken this ship, and have left.
The motor grinders the light years without effort, towards that world that escapes from the law of the truth. And I have arrived here, to the last limbo, the lost borderland of the things. The forests are made of adamant with leaves of brilliants, that hurt who graze them. The blue moon a single elephantine sapphire that enlights the flaming horizon and the spangled sky, like the eye of a pale giant. Under me the land is smooth and milky, with veins of rainbow. On these plains of opal rise high cliffs cut out of pearl, the titanic gift of forgotten creatures .

The figurine is beautiful to stop the heart, also if made by alien hands. I have taken it. And now I lie here, my muscles knot by unknown forces, while strange brown creatures come towards me. Their biology I cannot understand, neither their writing. But now I know for sure that reason and justice of conduct hold in their grip also the farthest and lonely star; and, even if do not know their strange-shaped alphabet, I succeed to interpret the notice-board in front of me as if it was written in my native language. It says: ‘Thou shalt not steal.’

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Massimo Iaquinta said...

Yes, this must be something that every human being feels deeply "written" inside himself... written somewhere.

I think that the Bible calls this "somewhere"... Heart.

That little place where God wrote the "rules to make us happy"... if only we would dare to follow them!

Thanks to GKC, but mostly to you... for bringing it to my attention. Many times I need someone to wake me up.