Friday, October 25, 2013

I could have said it too!

How many times we hear a statement, a remark and we think "Hey, I could have said it too!"

How many times we complain within our heart because all simple things have already been discovered? "Ah, if I would have lived two hundred years ago I would have surely invented dirigibles, safe catches, WC...they are so obvious, after all..."

 We have to say it clearly: these laws, these theorems, these scientific theories could have been discovered by anyone with a little common sense. Years and years before. They are blatant, practically obvious.

 But, it's odd, we whistle the same old tune Mozart actually composed and not the one he had not time to write down; and that catch phrase we hear it is humdrum, all right, but our mind fails to devise something better.

 We have to deal with it. It is not enough to experience something to understand it, to grasp it fully, to dominate it. It is needed that kind of head that drives you behind what you think you perfectly know. It is needed the work of a genius; then of someone that teaches the outcome of that work to us, so that the hidden and not-so-easy-to-see truth can reach us. Making us view the secret concealed in plain sight.

 Reality doesn't give herself away so easily. You must love her. See her with eyes that are not groovy, but have explorer’s gaze. You must give yourself first to her, all to her, so she will concede herself to you.

So we will start speaking that unspoken word, sing that song unsung. That will be repeated by those that will hear it, because they will find it true to they heart.

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